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Kimberley Christian School, located in Kimberley in the Northern Cape (South Africa), is a Christian School using a Bible-based Curriculum known as Accelerated Christian Education (ACE). The first schools using ACE curriculum were established in South Africa in 1984.

Our school is registered with the Northern Cape Department of Education. Kimberley Christian School is a combined school offering classes from Grade R to Grade 12. We offer all the subjects that are offered by Government Schools, the difference being that the curriculum we use is based on Biblical values and Character building. We do not use a lock step program, but the learner learns to work at his/her own pace, working to achieve their goals for the day. The curriculum is thus Individualised, Self-paced and geared that the learner achieves Mastery over the work. We also offer After-care and facilities.

Our Medium Term Goal is to build a school of renown. Our idea is to build an eco-friendly school that will be able to house 800-1000 pupils, continuing to provide excellent academics, hosting extraordinary Sporting, Media, Technical, Artisan, Arts & Culture facilities. This is in line with our vision in producing mature Christians to enter the world and be able to positively influence all spheres of life.

We have registered a NPC (aka NPO) and are busy registering as a PBO to be able to acquire funding more readily. The NPC is registered under the name, Kingdom Vision Operations NPC (KVO NPC), Registration No: 2013/005125/08.

Kimberley Christian School EMIS No: 300017408.